The pool’s lawyers onboard of the Concordia

bulgheroni-guarini-gabrielli-vitaleThe next Thursday, 23rd January 2014, Alessandra Guarini, Cesare Bulgheroni and Massimiliano Gabrielli, lawyers of “Giustizia per la Concordia”, will go on board of the Concordia – as a severe selection of just ten lawyers among all civil parts, together with the Judges of the Court of Grosseto, the Public Prosecutors, their experts and Mr. Schettino and Costa’s defenders – to make a first inspection of the shipwreck.

It is the first time that some lawyers are admitted to check the Concordia ship and  the very first time that someone (out of the rescue personnel) will step in the bridge and we believe that this visit will help to better understand the causes of the accident & the emergency malfunctions.

In fact Guarini, Bulgheroni and Gabrielli, together with few other lawyers representing some of the victims, asked to deepening some aspects and the technical opinion about not only the causes of the wreck, but also the functionality of the emergency equipments, and especially to verify why the emergency diesel engine, called “DGE”, at the 11th floor didn’t work after the crash against the rocks, to investigate if the watertight doors were opened or not during the navigation before the crash, why the elevators, after the black-out due to the crash, didn’t come back to the 4th deck automatically as they would have to do.

The Grosseto’s Court decided to go on board of the Concordia to try to understand if the requested deepening of the technical opinion could be necessary or not. We have now this unique chance to take a look to the shipwreck from inside, and we would be very grateful for any suggestion you can give us & details to verify once we will be on board with the experts. Our goal, as usual, is to reveal what didn’t work correctly that night, after the crash and especially during the phases of the emergency and of the rescue, to point out and underline any other possible responsibility of the Ship owner company and of all the individuals implicated in the accident.

We will report to you whatever we will be able to get from this first visit to the Concordia.


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