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A CALL FOR THE PASSENGERS OF COSTA CONCORDIA: the Public Prosecutors want to dismiss your depositions!



WE NEED YOUR HELP: the Prosecutors of Grosseto decided to dismiss the call as a witnesses for the passengers who were onboard of the Costa Concordia in the night of 13 January 2012.

 The Prosecutors are considering satisfactory for their purposes to ask sentencing Schettino having summoned and heard only the people working for Costa, aboard the Concordia and ashore, while none of the passengers who survived the wreck has never been summoned and heard in the trial.

 We are fighting for the truth and we have even highlighted the clear responsibilities, aside of Schettino, for the shipping company in what happened before and after the collision with the rocks, but without the voices of the passengers this truth will not be understood in all its aspects, even human’s ones. Continua a leggere